Wednesday, 30 March 2016

The kiln is open

below is looking into the kiln whilst unloading it.
This is the second bottom shelf

Some beautifully creative glazing by one of G's students below
this is glaze on glaze using wax resist

What an awesome design below.
A fabulous set

finishing this blog 
with some more of my hand built bowls below

Saturday, 26 March 2016

works in progress

A close up of a stamped large platter 
one of many I did a couple of weeks ago 
(sore wrist, no throwing, but had fun hand-building instead)

And this is it below 
slab, stamped, slumped - earthernware 
fired in Gerald's gorgeous green glaze

Tea cups on the go - freshly thrown
 a bunch of little things to paint. 
these will be used for wall hangings.
the holes are where I nut and bolt them on
to what ever recycled bit of something I can get my hands on

Still in the fridge for slow drying
a Gerald raku form

also in a slow drying cupboard
G's leaf bowls

He's been working hard

and to finish 
one of my mushrooms, finally finished

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Fired a couple of kiln loads

Some of the gorgeously painted ceramics in this weeks kiln load
 these look a bit brighter than last blog

 We love the creative glazing that the students are doing
pretty tumblers below

pie dish 

and looking down in the kiln
more creative glazing
with some of my little painted circles as kiln fillers
just so we don't waste the space when firing the kiln

the little kiln fired with mushroom stems

a cute nest of bowls by Ella

Thursday, 17 March 2016

students working hard

The students have been so busy.
They are coming along in leaps and bounds,
 and are really doing great things in class.

Below are some pretty plates from Tuesday class

 Giggles and lots of smiles.
Makes doing what we do fun.

We have racks and racks of work to fire at the moment

This is Thursday class stuff from Casuarina Night School
G had to bring this work home to bisque fire as the kilns there were not working (yet)

They have made loads of colourful and interesting pots

The big pot ( from Mondays class) got a bisque this week (surrounded by other pots of course)
Mushrooms are finished and we are onto bigger and bolder pots now.

This gorgeous under-glaze decorated platter is from the Wednesday night class

as is this beautiful huge hand made oven dish is glazed and ready to have a gloss fire.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Chicken bottoms!

something's been eating my
Chicken bottoms!

Its no picnic
it has been a bit dry here in the Darwin
  the ants start to eat out

nibble nibble nibble

Oooh, even their little beaks have suffered

Better get painting and get these little ones in the kiln quick smart.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

There are boats and mushrooms

Gerald has a thing about boats
he just keeps making them

some have a use, like the little sauce boats 
and some are just boats
 that weird and wonderful form 

Be interesting to see it finished

These little things below are called sprigs. 
We have a variety of molds that we make them from.
I found G in the bathroom with a tooth brush years ago 
scrubbing clay off one of my girlfriends broaches.
She never know that he made a clay mould from it and we still use it today.
Some prigs go on pots, some books (G's picture diary) and even onto boards (the food variety)

Janelle finished some of her mushrooms
 They are ready for the garden

These ones below will hopefully be finished next week
 I adore the pretty colours

Saturday, 5 March 2016

This week today

Below, and sorry, sideways??
 Julie from one of Gerald's classes
with her rather large oven dish.

Below still in the kiln
From the Monday Mushroom class
Really pretty colours
All shiny and ready for the garden.
some test tiles (colours) and pieces (clear glaze on white)
 and did sneak in some chooks

I have had a sore wrist lately. I think  from some hard wedging.
 No throwing for me then, so have 
had some fun hand building

I have done a series of these larger bowls
some more organic than others
Slab formed, stamped and slumped
earthenware clay

I am stuck on this stamped pattern at the moment.
Will look lovely with G's gorgeous green glaze.